We have substrates of various durability.
We make the design you want in acrylic, PVC, polyurethane paint, digital printing, plotted vinyl or mixed media.


The slates can be built either in white or transparent acrylic which can have different shapes or sizes depending on what you want to obtain with it

Bus stops

Urban furniture which is installed on the sidewalks to offer a service to the different communities at the bus stops assigned or granted by the public transport council


Figures or trophies are made on acrylic either for recognition of company personnel or for a sports competition, said work is done using a computerized laser cutting system


It is used for internal signage either with digitally printed vinyl without lamination, or with one-sided or double-sided opaque vinyl which can be attached to the wall or fastened with chains to the ceiling or ceiling

Informative totem

They are built with aluminum foil or composite aluminum, they can be with internal LED lighting and transparent acrylic with laminated digital printing.


Adhesive vinyl glued on windows to reduce visibility into the premises, which can be with the name of the premises or brand, cut by computer using a plotter

Office lettering

We design and cover the needs that your premises, building or office may have for the labeling of any space